Professional Team

30+ years experience in the off road racing and engineering.

High presion CNC work

All machining and laser cutting work are made with high accuracy using high quality CNC machines.

Quality Control

All fixation process are made in a fixture jigs then cold welded and double checked by the engineering team.


Ready To Fly

Desert has the most complex, unpredicted rough terrain, hence our R2F was designed around the roughest and capable of handling the worst situation. Simply, you must not think or compare the production cars with its mechanism that everyone is familiar with, to our real off road car. It is just like the difference between a commercial airplane and a jet-fighter. Reintroduced the car mechanism with a new and different way of functioning for dynamics, steering system, suspension system, drive train, hub assembly etc. to overcome the abuse of the off-road rough terrain and achieve the optimum performance. Used the best of everything from every aspects. R2F can go through a series of 1 meter high bumps in a high speed with amazing comfort, handling and control !!we gathered the best team and the best manufactures with 30+ years’ experience in the off road rally world to come up with this car. This required an intensive R&D, testing and data collection, patience, knowledge, experience, being away from business people and closer to scientist. We are giving a very highly engineered, light indestructible off road beast.